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What is Coaching?
Whether you’re a writer in search of help on your latest project, an artist who hasn’t painted in too long, or someone who’s just looking to bring more creativity into your life, coaching can be a valuable asset, keeping you from falling victim to any number of blocks that might get in your way, from fear to procrastination, from self-sabotage to family pressure. What is coaching? Coaching is a 1:1 relationship between an artist and a coach, who serves as a sounding board, a guide, and a confidant. When you work with me, we look at the overall situation together, taking into account your goals, your dreams, and the things that are getting in your way. How is creativity coaching different from other forms of coaching? Creative people and projects come together differently than a lot of other things a coach could help you with. A lot of coaching models depend on goal-setting and creating a linear process to help you reach those goals. Creative projects and people don’t move in that linear way. When you’re working in the unknown, you may need to take that detour into research or daydreaming in order to get your project done—it might not just be a distraction. You’re also more prone to trouble getting started, being thrown off track easily, losing faith in yourself, and getting in your own way. Creative process coaching understands these pitfalls and helps you sort the necessary detours from the distractions, exploring your own creative journeys to help you understand your process and how to make it work for you. When might I want to work with you? If you feel like you’re not getting anywhere with your current project and might even be getting in your own way, we should talk! As a visual artist, performing artist, and writer, I understand how the creative process works in multiple arenas. I offer a 30-minute consultation to help you decide if coaching can help you bring your dreams into reality. What does a coaching session look like? On our first call, we’ll take a look at the situation you’re facing and how it shows up in your work. I’ll ask a lot of questions; you’ll have a chance to look at things from perspectives you might not have noticed before. Coaching is a collaborative process where you make internal connections and I add insights I see from the outside to give you a bigger picture of yourself as an artist, you work, and how you can get where you want to go. Most, if not all, the answers are inside you—you just need a little help figuring them out. I also offer tools and techniques to help you deal with the blocks that stand in your way, and a shoulder to lean on through the process. How is writing coaching different from creative process coaching? As a novelist, I’m able to do more than just keep you on track. I can help you brainstorm and can give you another perspective on your work, both in progress and when you have a completed draft. I also offer editing services, and can help you self-publish your book to Kindle and Nook. I offer writing coaching for fiction writers and creative process coaching to anyone pursuing any other creative endeavor. How much does it cost? You can download a copy of my current info sheet here. Can we talk? Of course! Drop me a note below and we’ll get started!

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