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The Blend: A virtual coffeehouse
The Blend: A Coffeehouse for Writers and Artists

I’ve opened an online coffeehouse called The Blend. It’s a free Facebook group for writers and artists, and we’d love to have you join us!

The Blend is a virtual coffeehouse for creative souls of all kinds—writers, painters, actors, musicians, dancers, designers, photographers… if you have a creative passion and want a place to hang out with like-minded folks, this is it!

I created this community to bring creative folks together to mingle, learn from each other, and support each other in our creative endeavors. Creativity requires courage, and courage can be a whole lot easier to summon when we know we’re not alone on the path.

The Blend is FOR YOU if:

* You’re a creative soul
* You love supporting others and being supported in return
* You love your creative work—and it loves you back
* You embrace your trickster energy
* You want to approach your blocks with curiosity rather than fear or despair
* You want to make your creative work a priority
* You want to join a community of kindred spirits
* You’re willing—eager, even—to look at your process through new eyes

The Blend is NOT for you if:

* You believe creativity and martyrdom go hand in hand
* Your way is the only way
* You have an excuse for every “failure”
* Your process is picture-perfect
* You only want to promote your work

Come join us! (Please note that the group is closed as a spam-prevention measure. Just click the “Join Group” button and I’ll take care of the rest!)