Running out of ideas? Click here to Find Inspiration Anywhere!
Find Inspiration Anywhere

FInd Inspiration AnywhereSm
You want to write, but you’re low on ideas. You’re frustrated because your creative call has nowhere to go. What do you do?

The truth is this: you can find inspiration anywhere.

You read that right. Anywhere. Really. All you need to do is look at the world around you a little differently.

If that doesn’t come naturally to you, you’re in luck. My “Find Inspiration Anywhere” tool will lead you through a process to help you take one ordinary object (I use a chair in the exercise, but it can literally be anything) and use it to create a new character, a new place—even a new world.

The tool is geared toward fiction writers, but any artist can use it to develop images and ideas for their work.

Give it a try! You have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of inspiration to gain. You’ll also receive an occasional newsletter with prompts and ideas to further your writing.

I’d love to hear how the exercise works for you. Please feel free to send me your thoughts and feedback!