Face to Face: Working with the Inner Writer

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Writing, especially fiction writing, is a deeply intuitive process that is often shrouded in mystery or awe:

How did an author produce this novel or story? Where do ideas come from? What does she know that I don’t know?

How do I get started—or how to do recharge a stuck process/project?

Writing means critical teachers, bad grades, lots of red ink, or trying to live up to the standards of my favorite authors. Why should I even try?

And hey—what gives me the right to call myself a writer, anyway?

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Face to Face is an exploration of what writing is, what it means to write, and how we can use SoulCollage® and other images to tap into stories and ideas that we might not ordinarily find—in our decks, or in our own imaginations. Perfect for the beginning writer or for a seasoned writer looking for a new approach, Face to Face will give you the chance to get writing (or get writing again!) in a friendly, supportive group environment.

This course is designed to give new and seasoned fiction writers new ways to engage with their writing, using SoulCollage® to tap into intuition for background material, writing experiments, and more formal writing projects. Character development, plot, setting, and other story elements will be enhanced using SoulCollage® and other images. And we’ll be writing live on the call!

Face to Face will help you:

  • Create your own definition of writing—and what it means to be a writer.
  • Find a gentle, practical path into writing practice.
  • Give yourself credit for your creativity and accomplishments.
  • Let your inner kid out to play on paper.
  • Learn to find the value even in work you think is “terrible,” because you cannot actually fail.
  • See the world through new eyes as we turn ideas on their heads and find the extraordinary in the everyday.
  • Experience writing and your imagination in a fun, playful environment.
  • Stop comparing your writing to others so you can remain true to your own vision.
  • Gain insight into your writing blocks and tools to overcome them.
  • Learn more about your own creative process.

Led by Nancy Norbeck, Master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, SoulCollage® facilitator, and author of THE SILVER CHILD, Face to Face will meet in a spirit of creativity and collaborative friendship as we all find moments of awe and laughter. We’ll see how even our “worst” efforts have value, and how they can lead us into unexpected discovery and inspiration. You may end up with a poem, a short story, the seed of a novel, maybe even a play or a memoir—or more than one.

I have worked with enough writers—including myself!—to know how easy it is to undervalue and underappreciate our own talents. For some of us, that means we never get started; for others, self-doubt makes it hard to keep going. Or we just feel stuck. Face to Face will invigorate your process and recalibrate your perception of your writing through play and interaction. You’ll hear others’ work and also learn how your work inspires the rest of the group–and it will, whether you believe it will or not. The camaraderie with your fellow writers is a vital and powerful element of this transformative experience.

Bring yourself, some images (SoulCollage®, tarot, oracle cards, magazines, artwork–any image source will do), along with your journal, your willingness, and your curiosity. Then expect the unexpected!

All sessions will be recorded so you can participate even if you can’t attend live.

A secret Facebook group will allow for online interaction and sharing of cards, insights, and written work.

SCWriterWhat people are saying about working with Nancy:

“Nancy leads the best class on the creative process that I have ever taken. She is fun, open to questions, and willing to help rekindle anyone’s creative juices. Her classes start and end on time and, most important, she is always positive.” —Jamie Lyn Weaver

“Nancy has a lot of ideas about how to make writing easier and more creative. She accepts what is shared with positive, supportive comments. Even though I’m writing a memoir I got several ideas about how to get unstuck and to value my writing without being judgmental.” — Priscilla

What’s SoulCollage® got to do with it?

We’ll use SoulCollage® cards—along with tarot, oracle cards, magazine images, or artwork—as gateways to inspiration, on their own or in small numbers, to get your creative juices flowing—and keep them that way! You can also create new cards as we go through the process to embody pieces of writing, to honor key insights, and to celebrate your creative identity.

You’ll receive:

*** FOUR 90-minute tele-calls over four weeks, for a total of 6 hours of writing, inspiration, and support from your creative sisters
*** Prompts and exercises designed to spark your imagination and enthusiasm for writing
*** easy access to all recordings for unlimited listening and downloading
*** an online group that will provide support, connection, and opportunities to share your SoulCollage® cards, ideas, inner knowings, and questionings
*** guided visualizations
*** abundant guidance and support

June 4–25, 2017, Sunday evenings

7 pm Eastern
6 pm Central
5 pm Mountain
4 pm Pacific
1 pm Hawaiian
Midnight in London
Mondays 9 a.m. in Melbourne, Australia
Mondays 11 a.m. in New Zealand

Investment: Spring Special! $149 (value $199)

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