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Intuitive Writing
SCWriterDo you want to write, but don’t know where to begin? Are you an experienced writer looking for a new way to engage your imagination?

Do you get frustrated and stuck because your writing isn’t “perfect”?

Are you primarily a journaler who longs to write a story, but finds the idea of writing fiction intimidating?

Would you like to make writing a more intuitive process, and feel the support of a group of fellow writers?

Are you ready to have fun with writing again?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re ready for my Intuitive Writing workshop.

April 3–May 1, 2016 Sunday evenings

7 pm Eastern

6 pm Central

5 pm Mountain

4 pm Pacific

1 pm Hawaiian

Midnight in London

Mondays 9 a.m. in Melbourne, Australia

Mondays 11 a.m. in New Zealand


All sessions will be recorded so you can participate even if you can’t attend live.

A secret Facebook group will allow for online interaction and sharing of cards, insights, and written work.

What is Intuitive Writing?

Intuitive Writing is an exploration of what writing is, what it means to write, and how we can use our SoulCollage® decks to tap into stories and ideas that we might not ordinarily find—in our decks, or in our own imaginations. Perfect for the beginning writer or for a seasoned writer looking for a new approach, Intuitive Writing will give you the chance to get writing (or get writing again!) in a friendly, supportive group environment.

This course is designed to give fiction writers new ways to engage with their writing, using SoulCollage® to tap into intuition for background material, writing experiments, and more formal writing projects. Character development, plot, setting, and other story elements will be enhanced using your SoulCollage® deck.

You’re invited to:

  • Create your own definition of writing—and what it means to be a writer.
  • Find a gentle, practical path into writing practice.
  • Give yourself credit for your creativity and accomplishments.
  • Stop comparing your writing to others so you can remain true to your own vision.
  • Gain insight into your writing blocks and tools to overcome them.
  • Explore ways to use your SoulCollage® cards as intuitive writing prompts and advisers.
  • Learn more about your own creative process.

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What’s SoulCollage® got to do with it?

We’ll create new cards to help you explore your inner writer/storyteller, and to visualize troublesome creative blocks so you can see what they have to teach you. We’ll also use your existing cards as gateways to writing, on their own or in small numbers, to get your creative juices flowing—and keep them that way!

*If you’re not familiar with SoulCollage®, you can still participate. Let me know and I’ll get you started.

You’ll receive:

*** FIVE 90-minute tele-calls over four weeks, for a total of 7.5 hours of information, creative inspiration and support from your creative sisters
*** One 30-minute private coaching session with Nancy
*** weekly exercises to help you stay on track and deal with issues that come up
*** easy access to all recordings for unlimited listening and downloading
*** an online group that will provide support, connection, and opportunities to share your SoulCollage® cards, ideas, inner knowings and questionings
*** guided visualizations
*** abundant e-mail guidance and support

What people are saying about Intuitive Writing:

“Nancy was the most supportive instructor I have had for an online class. Her material was current and creative. When things were posted on our special facebook page she always commented with something positive. I felt supported and free to post my writings, sensing I would not be judged in any way. This course is for anyone who needs to see their creative self in a different light.” —Jamie Lyn Weaver

“Nancy has a lot of ideas about how to make writing easier and more creative. She accepts what is shared with positive, supportive comments. Even though I’m writing a memoir I got several ideas about how to get unstuck and to value my writing without being judgmental.” — Priscilla

Investment: Spring Special! $199 (value $259)

Questions? Signup issues? Please drop me an email at nancy at

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