What does creativity mean to you?

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What does creativity mean to you?

I’m developing a new course, which is going to bring together elements of self-love/self-care and creative process, and it has me wondering: what does creativity mean to YOU?

A lot of people—far too many, in my opinion—think that they’re not creative. Creativity is reserved for “special” people (or in some cases “weird” people), people who throw paint at canvas or carve stone or spend hours learning the intricacies of a Beethoven sonata. These things, it seems, are too far out of the purview of “real life” for a lot of people to claim them as something they relate to, or that fits into their lives.

The thing is, we’re all creative. I know, I know, I’ve said it before. I will keep saying it until people start to get it, which may end up being for a very long time, because I think it’s important. We’re all creative. Human beings can’t exist without creating. People tell me they “don’t have a creative bone in [their] body,” totally discounting the clever ideas they come up with all the time because they don’t fit someone else’s definition of the word. My dad is an electrical engineer, just for one example, and I’m sure most people wouldn’t think that engineering is creative work because it doesn’t come dressed in smocks and finger paints—but can any of us say that the wild new technologies that engineers invent every day aren’t creative? Really??

I don’t think my dad has a wall covered with patent plaques because he never had a new or creative thought.

So, here’s my question to you: How do you define creativity? Where does it it intersect with your life? What does it mean to you?

It’s a really important conversation, so let’s have it. Share your thoughts in the comments.

P.S.: I’m finally caving and having surgery for carpal tunnel on my right wrist in the middle of this week, so if there’s no post for a little while, that’s why. (They say I’ll be able to type, but whether I’ll decide that’s a good idea or not is another matter!)


  1. Well said Nancy! I always thought I wasn’t creative – until I realised that not only am I wildly creative, everyone else is too! I always thought I couldn’t draw – and then I came across someone who illustrates her website with stick drawings that are GORGEOUS, and other doodly drawings…and I realised: I can do that. Creativity is there to be accessed, it just needs an outlet. Good luck with your surgery, hope to see more posts from you soon. xx
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    • Yes–we are all creative! We all have ideas and imaginings, we just forget about them when we’re too old for imagination to be de rigeur. I’m so glad you found your creativity. :)

      (Surgery went well, healing is happening remarkably quickly, and I hope to be posting more soon, too!)

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