The Soulful Decluttering Experience

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So, what’s the Soulful Decluttering experience like? You’d have to ask someone who’s taken the course. Fortunately, Karen Caterson (aka Square-Peg Karen) talked to me about her experience in the course last summer. Here’s what she had to say:

Karen, why did you decide to sign up for Soulful Decluttering?

1x1.trans The Soulful Decluttering Experience

Karen Caterson, aka Square-Peg Karen

I saw the class mentioned in a KaleidoSoul newsletter and it sounded just right for me.

I’d noticed that clutter held me back (in a number of areas), and I’d been working on decluttering and organizing for awhile, but no systems ever stuck. The class sounded hope-full to me. And indeed—it was! 

Tell me about your clutter situation before the course began. 

Well, I’m very visual – so it works best for me to keep things out where I can see them (but only if I want to be able to remember that they exist – grin). I’m also very creative – with loads of projects going all the time (loads of projects!).

Imagine the possibilities for messes, decluttery spaces and disorganization!

Did you have any breakthroughs during the course? Tell us about one.

I can’t share just one! I had a number of AHA’s, but the biggest breakthrough came through envisioning how I wanted things to look! Prior to the class my decluttering and organizing had always been short term (i.e. get rid of this pile, clean the office up a bit); envisioning wrapped my decluttering and organizing around how I wanted things—gave me a purpose and something long-term to move toward.

And hope! Hope was another breakthrough thing for me! There were times (before the class) when I assumed I was never going to be tidy, be able to find things—was even able to occasionally convince myself that I was fine with that—but the course helped me move through clutter, love the changes—and embrace hope around creating inviting spaces in my home.

The course runs for three weeks to prevent decluttering burnout. How did that timeframe work for you?

The timeframe was perfect. Nevertheless, it did not keep me from decluttering burnout because I thought I could be the exception – the student who didn’t need to follow Nancy’s suggestions about going slow and steady—sigh. I caught fire and burned—got a LOT done and then burned out. But I came back to the process the “right” way and have kept at it steadily for awhile now (note: pay attention to Nancy, she knows of what she speaks!)

I have a feeling you’re not the only one who didn’t believe me! How is your clutter situation these days?

I have an ongoing relationship with my space now—and come back repeatedly, with the tools I gained, to keep doing the work (the fact that this is ongoing doesn’t freak me out anymore). I don’t get that sense of overwhelm I used to get when I tried to figure out what to get rid of, what to keep (and how to store/organize what I was keeping).

Anything else you’d like folks to know about the class?

Nancy’s a wise (and gentle!) teacher and she’s created a practical, helpful (and gentle!) class for anyone interested in creating a different space for themselves.

Thanks! 1x1.trans The Soulful Decluttering Experience How has working to declutter affected your creative process? 

Great question! First the process of decluttering made me aware that clutter had been affecting my creativity (much less time to create when you have to spend craploads of time hunting things down!—plus the frustration of having to hunt things down was a ready excuse for not getting to things—or finishing them).

Since decluttering and moving toward maintenance of my spaces I have more time to create—and (a bit hard to explain) more freedom in my creative process. Somehow the process of figuring out what I wanted and didn’t want in my spaces helped me become more aware of choices available to me. This has been empowering—and has added zooom to getting things done!

That’s fabulous, Karen! I’m so glad that you got, and continue to get, so much from the Soulful Decluttering course!

The next course begins on June 2nd, and all the details are here. Please join us!


  1. I like that idea of having the finished result in mind. I am so far from that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all and think you can never get clear of the mess. Mind you, I’ll have to work hard to keep my vision of a tidy, clutter free home in mind, given my starting point and husband and two boys seemingly oblivious to any kind of vision :)
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    • It really does help to know where you’re going on a journey like this one. Knowing what you want a space to look and feel like helps to keep you motivated and also makes it easier to see the progress you’re making. Of course, it also helps to have cooperative family members! I wish you luck with them! :)

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