SoulCollage® Sunday: Pele

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SoulCollage® Sunday: Pele

I’ve just made this card today, for Hawaiian goddess Pele, of volcanoes, fire, and new beginnings, so I’m curious to see what it has to say.

Who are you?

I am the one who burns. I am the one who erupts. I am the one who expels all the heat and flame when too much builds up inside. I am the one who creates new land and new life. I am the one whose light brightens the sky.

What do you have to give me?

I give you light. I give you the fire of renewal, to burn away the old and make room for the new. I give you passion and energy for the things you most want to pursue. I give you focus and remind you of your power.

What do you want or need from me?

I need you to stand strong in your power. I need you to feel your strength when you are tempted to feel weak. I need you to remember that there is fire inside all living things, including you. I want you to listen to your passion and let it guide you rather than trying to pretend it’s not there. Focus your energy and follow your dreams. Let go of the things you don’t need anymore and follow your own light.

Is there anything else you want to say to me today?

Don’t let anyone throw you off your own path. Only you know your own way. No one else has traveled exactly the same road you have; they may have had similar experiences, and there may be value there, but it is still your experience. Use your power wisely, but don’t ignore or negate it—and don’t let anyone else do it, either.


SoulCollage® cards are made either from one’s own art or from images found in materials which have been bought by or given to the SoulCollage card maker.

These collaged cards are used only for the cardmaker’s own inner exploration. SoulCollage® cards are not sold, traded, bartered, or copied (except as a back-up for the cardmaker’s own use) as is stated in the Principles of SoulCollage®. Where SoulCollage® cards are available to be seen by others, it is for the purposes either of demonstrating the SoulCollage® process or of sharing the cardmaker’s inner process in the context of community. SoulCollage® is grateful to the artists and photographers who make this deep awakening process possible and in all ways SoulCollage® seeks to be respectful of their rights.


  1. Beautiful post .. like a phoenix rising from the fire we rise to out of the ashes strong and full of energy.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing work. :)

    • Thanks, Coralie! I’m really glad she speaks to you, too. :)

  2. I’ve just done my first Soul Collage in a therapy group I’m in. It was very soothing and heart-opening to do that work. Thank you for sharing your Pele.

    • Oh, I’m so glad to hear that you’ve had a chance to try SoulCollage®! I have 69 cards now and am pretty sure I know what #70 is going to be, when I get a chance to make it. It’s such a deep, powerful tool, as you say. :)

  3. Gorgeous card, Nancy, and as always, I love your verbal exploration of it.

    Something about the fire and the passion and the action of this card really speaks to me as well!



    • There’s definitely something about her that gets your attention, isn’t there? I’m glad I found the perfect background, too—a volcano in Costa Rica! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Such a powerful message with this image of Pele! Certainly a great ally. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks, Dawn. I don’t know much about her yet, but I’m looking forward to finding out more!

  5. Pele is a very powerful guide for your journey, Nancy. Her inner fire will light your way in the darkness and keep you warm and enlivened when storms come. I’m glad you found her!

    • I’m glad I found her, too, Tamara! Can’t wait to find out more about her.

  6. I love Pele! Awesome card — and writing … thanks for sharing this!

    • Thanks, Paula. She’s very striking, isn’t she? In multiple ways.

  7. Thanks Nancy, I feel Pele is also speaking to me. Wonderful image – and Pele’s message definitely resonates with where I am right now. I have a Pheonix card which is some ways is very similar I feel.

    • Claire, that’s an interesting point—I wonder how Pele relates to the Phoenix. There seem to be a lot of similarities, at least on the surface level. I’ll have to see what I can find out about that. Thanks!

  8. Ahhh – wonderful card. Wonderful Wisdom. I love how Pele speaks directly through this piece of artwork. Great!

    • That’s the magic of SoulCollage®, Nora. :) All the parts of ourselves can speak directly through a card, including spirit guides, relatives, and pets! It’s a fabulous tool for accessing intuition and I am really glad it resonated for you!

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